Day: February 13, 2020


History & Government Form Four Revision Questions

We have a wide range of question papers from different jurisdictions; history questions and answers to guide you on how to answer KCSE history questions. Go to the history page and find everything you need to improve your grade in KCSE history paper 1 and KCSE history paper 2. Good luck!

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Kiswahili Notes and Past Papers

Kiswahili Revision Notes

Aina Za Sentensi Kuna aina nne za sentensi: sentensi sahili, sentensi ambatano, sentensi changamano, na sentensi shurutia. Maelezo zaidi ya kila mojawapo ya aina hizi za sentensi yanapatikana kwenye nakala ifuatayo. Pakua bila malipo.

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Revision Notes and Questions

CRE Notes and Past Papers

Below you can find CRE notes and CRE revision questions and answers from form 1 to 4, downloadable absolutely for free. Amazing, right? Get in…

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