29 More Bodies Found in Shakahola Forest as Death Toll Rises

Shakahola Massacre

When religion gets into the mind of a timid and desperate person, he loses direction. And now hundreds have lost their lives in a cultic mission.

We have recently been following a sad event in which people are starving themselves or are being starved to death in the quest to see Jesus.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie of Good News International Church was arrested early this year after bodies of two children were found in the location of his new church in Shakahola.

On Friday May 12, 2023, Coast regional commander Rhoda Onyancha announced that 29 more bodies were found in the vast Shakahola forest where the controversial pastor and his followers operate.

The number of people who have died as a result of Pastor Mackenzie’s cult has risen to 179, while 72 people have been rescued and 609 others have been reported missing.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI), the Kenya Police, and other agencies found the 29 bodies in 12 shallow graves inside the Shakahola forest.

Onyancha has said that further investigations will be carried out to retrieve more bodies and rescue more people.

Meanwhile, Shanzu Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda has detained Makenzie, his wife and 16 other allies for another 30 days as investigations continue.

Pastor Mackenzie is accused of brainwashing people to starve themselves and their children to death with the promise that they will meet Jesus.

The cultic teachings of Paul Mackenzie seem to be so strong that normal people become very rooted in his belief system.

Even after closing his church in Malindi two years ago, Mackenzie has managed to take hundreds of followers into the Shakahola forest where he continues to brainwash them with his heretic doctrines.

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Fredrick Chepkonga

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