A Woman from Kitengela Stubs her 2-Year-Old Daughter to Death, Eats Her Intestines and Kidney

Crime Scene

A video is circulating in the social media where a woman is pictured stubbing her daughter while singing nursery rhymes before eating some of her body parts.

The 27-year old Kitengela woman who was half naked killed her baby Gloria Njeri inside the house after locking all doors and windows. She held the child firmly on the ground with one hand and stubbed her several times with the other, while singing nursery rhymes as if to comfort her. She later cuts her body and removes internal organs, which looked like a kidney and intestines.

The lady, who has been identified as Olivia Naseren from Kitengela, ate the internal organs as helpless onlookers took videos from the window. She was later forced to vomit the body parts and kept by the police as evidence. Naseren has since been been arraigned in court to face charges for her crimes.

Neighbors who heard the child’s screams ran to the scene and tried to break in to rescue the baby, but they were too late. With so many wounds, bruises and removed internal organs, the baby could not survive.

The incident was shared by first-hand witnesses who took could do nothing but take videos from closed doors and windows.

Incidences of parents killing their children are rare, though not uncommon. But the latest incident is bizarre at best. It indicates the seriousness of mental health and the need for action. Olivia Naseren is suspected to have killed her daughter after the boyfriend left her.

For many years, we have witnessed serial killings, suicides, homicides, and family violence; all because of a mental health situation that we could resolve if we had identified warning signs and took the necessary steps to avert the consequences.

Clearly, Olivia was not in her right mind when she committed the act. An innocent little baby has been denied the opportunity to grow and experience life because someone has not dealt with her frustrations in life.

The video can be seen in the tweet below, but we strongly advice viewer discretion.

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Fredrick Chepkonga

Mr. Fredrick Chepkonga is an educator and writer in Kenya with great experience in writing and research on education, economics, and finance topics. He has passion in mentoring young people to develop responsible citizens and future leaders.

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