An Air Hostess Quits Job and Joins Pastor McKenzie’s Malindi Cult

Betty Air Hostess

An air hostess, so far only known as Betty, has reportedly quit her job and sold land worth $7 million before joining the Malindi Cult led by Pastor Paul Nthenge McKenzie.

Pastor Nthenge McKenzie of Good News International has been widely covered by local media for convincing the members of his cult to fast to death. Ever since the first case was reported last month, the pastor has been arrested and rescue operations have begun to save survivors and retrieve bodies of those who have fasted to their death.

As Pastor McKenzie waits for arraignment at the Malindi High Court for causing the deaths of tens of his followers, police continue to discover more bodies of people who fasted to death under pressure from McKenzie’s disciples.

Over the past few weeks, nongovernmental organizations and the police have been searching for survivors and bodies of Pastor McKenzie’s victims. The controversial pastor is said to have bought land in remote areas of Malindi where he relocated to with his adherents.

18 bodies were discovered in Shakahola village on Sunday, taking the number of people who have died from fasting to 39 so far.

The most disturbing fact about this issue is that the largest number of McKenzie’s victims are women and children. McKenzie allegedly instructed his followers to let their children to fast to death so that they can go to heaven directly.

One of those who fell victim of this indoctrination spree is Betty, an air hostess that operated between Kenya and Dubai.

The Standard reports that Betty learned last month about her son’s death as a result of the fasting exercise. Her son was living with his grandmother at the time before being forced to starve to death in the name of fasting.

Betty quit her job, sold her land and donated it all to Malindi cult leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie.

Her friends and colleagues are still in shock that she was lured to the “church” in Shakahola.

The tragic story began when Betty reportedly jetted into Kenya after her son Jason was allegedly forced to fast while she was in Qatar and sadly passed on. He was living with his grandparents at the time.

After receiving the news while at work in Qatar, she reportedly came for the burial but was never to be traced again. She deleted all her social posts and sold all her belongings before booking a one-way flight and disappearing into Malindi.

Her sister who reportedly resides in Umoja, Nairobi says that before she left, Betty wrote an emotional letter to her husband inferring that she might never return again. She then left with the children and headed to Malindi.

Betty had allegedly told a friend that they were headed to meet Jesus on the 8th of April, so they had to leave on the 7th. She tracked Betty’s flight which was only a one-way ticket to Malindi.

She never returned.

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