Hillcrest Secondary School Nakuru

Hillcrest Secondary School Nakuru
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Privately sponsored
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Hillcrest Secondary School is a mixed day secondary school in Lanet, Nakuru. It is part of a chain of international schools including ECD, primary and secondary schools offering international syllabus - British Curriculum.

Hillcrest Secondary School has a unique and long standing reputation within East Africa, with well established cultural diversity; academic, creative and sporting prowess and wide-ranging opportunities provided to broaden the mind, body and spirit. It was established in 1965 and its motto is Semper Prospice, which means "Always Looking Forward."

Physical Location: Hillcrest Secondary School Nakuru is located in Lanet, Nakuru Town East constituency, Nakuru County.

School Category: International School

Phone Number
+254724-255444 | +254736-256173
P.O. Box, 9668-20112, Nakuru
Sub County
Nakuru Town East

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