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Ng’iya Girls High School is a national secondary school in Siaya County. It has recently posted exemplary performance and is cementing its status as one of the best performing schools in the county.

The school was founded as a primary school in 1923, but later changed into a training college in 1953. It was then changed to a girls' secondary school in 1952.

The school enrolled the first A Level science class in 1971 and went on to have both Science and Arts A Level classes until the system was phased out in 1989. In 2010 the school was identified as one of the centres of Excellence and as a consequence became a beneficiary of the Economic Stimulus Programme under the Ministry of Finance. With this package, the Board of Governors commissioned the construction of a multimillion shilling complex that would put the whole school administrative offices and learning rooms in one place once complete. In 2012 the school was officially promoted to national school status and therefore would admit the first students under such arrangement in 2013.

Physical Address: Karemo near Ng'iya Town, Alego Usonga Constituency in Siaya County, Kenya.
School Category: National School

Phone Number
0726 553 713
P.O. Box 3-40603
Sub County

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