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Ever heard of the phrase “education equalizes?” Yes, it does. Teachers and tutors should teach their students this. Learners should understand that they all have an equal chance of success, and they deserve equal access to opportunity.

How can equality be achieved when learning materials are not accessible to the poor? The prices of text books in Kenya are prohibitive. The government of Kenya has offered free access to most of these resources in public high schools, but there is still limited access to revision materials and support.

Here, you can access a wide range of notes, revision questions and answers, and a tutor is always available to provide a little but valuable support whenever necessary. Keep checking and contact us through our email and phone number at the top of this website.

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KCSEPDF.CO.KE is an online learning platform where tutors and students can access notes, revision questions, educative articles, stories, e-books, and more learning materials.

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