Glitch in the Matrix: What Does it Mean?

Glitch in Matrix

If you like watching movies or films, you surely have watched or heard about The Matrix, a 1999 film that posits the idea of humans living in a simulated computer world. The phrase “Glitch in the Matrix” was coined in The Matrix to refer to an incident that cannot be explained in the normal manner of human understanding. Over the years, the phrase has been used to refer to an unusual event that cannot be logically explained in the realm of humanity. That is why in The Matrix humans were projected as creatures living within a giant computer simulation, something that beats every logic and makes us wonder if we are humans in the first place.

One would wonder, what is a computer, really? Might we be the products of a computer program, so that we can always behave similarly in one way or the other?

To put things into perspective, there is a man in real life event posted on Instagram, who shows a clip that looks much like a glitch in the matrix. In the Instagram post, a man is seen standing in grey clothes and having some ice cream. The camera is then moved a short distance further, and it shows a second person standing close to the first one, in the same position, taking ice cream. A third man is also captured in a similar situation a few meters from the second.

Is this story real, or could it be a photo editing scenario aimed at duping us into a fantasy world of fiction? Those who are acquainted with the world of fiction understand that it is possible for humans to create things that are out of this world. Like simulations in a computer, a glitch in the matrix removes us from the real world and places us in a world of fantasy and imagination.

In another incident, a TikTok user posted a video of a bird floating motionless on the sky. The video, which was originally posted in February, has gone viral again as netizens ponder how a bird could remain immobile in space.

The video was allegedly taken by a man and posted on TikTok by his girlfriend’s mother in Canada. She captioned the video, “WHAT IS IT” and said: “Somebody tell me what in the living bejesus my daughter’s boyfriend recorded tonight on his way to his lifeguard training?”

She continued, explaining: “It’s a dead bird and it’s floating in the sky.” Many see it as a glitch in a matrix; a mystery that no human can logically explain. What we can only do is marvel and enjoy the sight.


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