How Corona Virus Might Affect Education in Kenya

African Nazarene University has already closed its Nairobi campuses as a cautionary measure after the first victim of Corona Virus was announced on Thursday. This has raised speculations on whether the government should close all schools or gamble for the remaining 26 days of the term/semester.

What is Corona Virus?

Covid-19, popularly known as Corona Virus, is a serious disease affecting the respiratory system. The corona virus causing the disease originates from animals, and when it gets into humans, it is transferred through air.

When you cough, the virus goes through tiny air particles, and can be picked by another person or deposited on objects such as metals and fabric. If someone touches the surface where the virus is deposited and goes on to touch their face, he will most likely be infected.

The corona virus, which has no cure so far, survives for over 6 hours on metals and fabrics. Thus, the best precaution is to stay away from a person who has contracted corona and wash hands with disinfectants regularly.

What is it’s origin?

Although it is not yet known which animal transmitted the corona virus to humans, the facts surrounding its origin hints that the virus could be caused by a bat, wolf, rat, a frog or fish. These are all animals sold in the Wuhan food market where the corona virus began. Believe it or not, bat, rat and frog soups are great delicacies in China.

Some of the animals mentioned here, such as rats, are used for laboratory tests in China and released to the streets. It is highly liked that such animals end up in the hands of traders who then butcher them and make soup.

The mixture of animal blood, urine, feces, and laboratory chemicals are a favorable habitat for the dangerous corona virus.

Impact of Corona Virus on Students

Enough of speculations, let’s focus on the impact of this deadly virus on our school calendar here in Kenya.

The Kenyan government has already suspended all secondary school activities such as music festivals and regional games indefinitely.

As the fear of the corona virus rages on, politicians have also called off their routine public meetings.

Unlike western countries where many students study from home, there is limited digital education here in Kenya. In other countries, learning continues as teachers meet learners through online collaborative tools and student portals. Although digital education is picking up in a few universities, majority of learners are still reliant on the brick-and-mortar classroom systems.

Assuming that the corona virus becomes more endemic, and schools are closed, there is little chance for Kenyan students to learn. We will perhaps wait and see what will happen in the future. For the meantime, what will children in Kenya do?

Until the cure for corona virus is found, learners in Kenya might be forced to stay and learn basic social skills from their parents and caregivers at home. Those kids whose parents are hardly available will learn from their peers. Lessons from peers are often discordant and amoral.

Furthermore, some students will be so idle that they spend most of their time partying and mingling with peers. Some end up experimenting antisocial behaviors such as binge drinking, smoking, and sexual intercourse. As a result, the hope we had in the new education system will have been squashed by the corona virus.

Impact of Corona Virus on the School System

If schools close, the syllabus coverage in schools will also be halted. This means Form Four and Standard Eight candidates will be rushed to do their final exams without proper preparations.

Things will even be more complicated if schools are closed beyond this academic year. Babies grow and reach school-going age. But current students will still not progress to the next class. So how will new students be admitted if there is no progression to the current system? Will we build more schools, or will we see one nursery class of 129 students managed by one teacher?

Corona virus is real. It has a great impact on education and the society at large. No one impact is worse than the loss of a loved one through the disease. So let’s stay safe, take care!

Our Honest Position

We would like to see the government suspending all activities that gather over 100 people within a 50˟100 square feet, all schools included, until further notice. It is better to take precautions than to take risks. That’s our position at

God Bless Our Country Kenya!

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