Kenyatta University Module Notes and Past Papers

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School of Pure and Applied Sciences

Inorganic Chemistry by Taro Saito

introduction to inorganic chemistry by Peter G Nelson

KU SPH 101 Electricity and Magnetism 1 Notes

School of Economics

Notes on Microeconomic Theory by Nolan Millar

E201 Introduction to Microeconomics Book

School of Education

EFN 302 Philosophy of Education Notes

KU EFN 402 Revision Questions

EPS 100 Introduction to Psychology Notes Kenyatta University

Kenyatta University Notes EPS 400 Education Statistics

Kenyatta University Notes EPS 400 Module Educational Statistics and Evaluation

ARE 403 Ecumenical Movement Kenyatta University Notes

Kenyatta University Notes AKS 403 Oral Literature in Kiswahili Fasihi Simulizi

Kenyatta University Notes EPS 400 Module Educational Statistics and Evaluation


Common Units

UCU 100 Communication Skills Notes

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