Kilifi County Profile

Kilifi County Assembly

Current Governor: H.E. Gideon Maitha Mung’aro, OGW


Postal Address: P.O. Box 519 – 80108

Phone: 0200 200 200



County Description

County 003, Kilifi was formed in 2010 from the merger between Kilifi District and Malindi District. The county’s headquarters is in Kilifi town, but the largest town in Kilifi County is Malindi.

Kilifi County is one of the five counties of the Kenyan Coast, including Kwale, Mombasa, Tana River and Lamu. The county has a total population of 1,453,787 people as established in the 2019 census.

Economic Activities

Agriculture is the major economic activity in Kilifi County. This includes food and cash crops, livestock keeping, poultry, and beekeeping. The county is favorable for livestock keeping due to its extensive rangelands and favorable weather conditions.

Tourism is one of the key economic activities in Kilifi, although it has less tourism than Mombasa. Tourism in Kilifi is found in Watamu, Malindi, Kikambala, and Kilifi. One of the major tourist attractions in Kilifi is the Ruins of Gedi, which contains tombs and mosques constructed between the 11th and 17th centuries. Other tourist attractions include Malindi Museum, Rabai Museum, Matungu Beach, Watamu Marine National Park, Kaya forest, and Mnarani ruins.

Kilifi is also known for manufacturing and mining, with large companies including Mabati Rolling Mills, Athi River Cement Factory, etc.


Kilifi County has a total population of 1,453,787, of which 704,089 are males, 749,673 are females and 25 are intersex persons. There are 298,472 households, with 4.4 persons per household on average, and a population density of 116 people per square kilometer. The major communities living in Kilifi County include Mijikenda, Swahili, Bajuni, Indians, Arabs and Europeans.

The biggest religion in the county is Christianity, with 68% of residents claiming to be Christians. Muslims make up 18% of the county’s population, while 10% are atheists.

Administrative Units

Kilifi County has 7 sub-counties, 7 constituencies, and 35 county assembly wards.

Kilifi North Sub-County

Kilifi North Sub County is one of the 7 sub counties in Kilifi County. It is also an electoral constituency known as Kilifi North Constituency. There are seven wards in Kilifi North Sub County: Tezo, Sokoni, Kibarani, Dabaso, Matsangoni, Watamu and Mnarani.

Kilifi South Sub County

Kilifi South Sub County, also Kilifi South Constituency, is one of the seven administrative units in Kilifi Sub County. Kilifi South Sub County and Constituency has 5 wards namely: Junju, Mwarakaya, Shimo la Tewa, Chasimba,  and Mtepeni.

Kaloleni Sub County

Kaloleni Sub County and Constituency has a long history and political standing. It has 4 wards such as Mariakani, Kayafungo, Kaloleni, and Mwanamwinga.

Rabai Sub County

Also Rabai Constituency, one of the 7 constituencies and sub counties in Kilifi County. It has 4 county assembly wards: Mwawesa, Ruruma, Kambe-Ribe, and Rabai/Kisurutuni.

Ganze Sub County

Ganze Sub County/Ganze Constituency has 4 wards: Ganze Ward, Bamba, Jaribuni, and Sokoke Ward.

Malindi Sub-County

Malindi Sub County and Constituency is one of the 7 sub counties in Kilifi County. It has 5 County Assembly Wards: Jilore, Kakuyuni, Ganda, Malindi Town, and Shella.

Magarini Sub County

Magarini Sub County and constituency has 6 wards: Maarafa, Magarini, Gongoni, Adu, and Garashi, Sabaki wards.

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