Kwale County Profile

Kwale County Officials

County Code: 002

County Governor: The current governor of Kwale County is Fatuma Mohamed Achani, the former Deputy Governor. She was elected under UDA ticket in 2022 General Elections.

Senator: The current Senator of Kwale County is Sen. Boy Issa Juma, who was recently re-elected in 2022 general elections through the ODM party.

County Description

Kwale County is one of the 47 counties in Kenya, which is located in the coastal region. Ukunda is the largest town in Kwale County. The county has an estimated population of 649,931 people in total. A large part of Kwale County is located inland, but there is a coastline strip south of Mombasa.

One of the economic activities of the county is tourism. Diani Beach in Msambweni Sub County is a major tourist attraction site. Other tourist attractions in the county include Shimba Hills National Reserve and Mwaluganje elephant sanctuary.

However, agriculture is the major economic activity in the county. The major of crops grown in Kwale County include Beans, cassava, maize, peas, grams and semi-commercial crops, like coconuts and mangoes. Cashew nuts, sugarcane, cotton, simsim, bixa and tobacco are also cultivated as cash crops. Livestock farming is also a major agricultural activity in Kwale County, especially in the Nyika Plateau.

The main ethnic communities in the county include the Digo and Duruma clans of the larger Mijikenda tribe and also a significant presence of the Kamba tribe. The Digos are the majority in Msambweni, Lunga Lunga and Matuga while the Durumas are the dominant in Kinango. Most Kambas are found in Kinango, Matuga and Lunga Lunga with a significant population in Msambweni.

Kwale County headquarters: Kwale town.

Kwale County Headquarters is located along Ukunda – Likoni Road, through the Kombani Junction to Kwale Town.

Postal address: P.O Box 4, 80403, Kwale, Kenya.

Email: | Website:

Sub Counties in Kwale County

Kwale County has four sub counties:

  • Matuga
  • Kinango
  • Msambweni
  • Lunga Lunga.

Constituencies and Wards of Kwale County

Kwale is also organized into four constituencies, one in each sub-county.

Matuga Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of the constituencies in Kwale County; its constituency number is 009.

County Assembly Wards in Matuga Constituency include:

  • Tsimba Golini Ward: comprises Golini, Kundutsi, Mbuguni and Mazumalume sub-location of Kwale county
  • Waa Ward: comprises Matuga, Kitivo, Kiteje, Ngomb’eni, Pungu and Kombani sub-location of Kwale County.
  • Tiwi Ward: comprises Simkumbe and Mkoyo sub-locations of Kwale County
  • Kubo South Ward: comprises Mangawani, Manyatta, Makobe, Kipambani, Shimba Hills, Majimboni, Boyani, Msulwa, Mwaluvanga, Shimba Hills National Park and Lukore sub-location of Kwale County
  • Mkongani Ward: comprises Tiribe, Mtsamviani, Mkomba, Kizibe and Mlyafeni sub-location of Kwale County

Kinango Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of the constituencies in Kwale County.

County Assembly Wards in Kinango Constituency include:

  • Ndavaya Ward: comprises Ndavaya, Mwandimu, Gulanze and Kifyonzo sub-locations of Kwale county
  • Puma Ward: comprises Mazola, Busa and Vigurungani sub-locations of Kwale county
  • Kinango Ward: comprises Kinango, Dumbule, Kibandaongo and Gandini sub-locations of Kwale County
  • Mackinon Road Ward: comprises Vinyunduni, Makamini, Kilibasi, Dupharo and Mackinon Rd sub-location of Kwale County.
  • Chengoni/Samburu Ward: comprises Chengoni, Maji ya Chumvi, Silaloni, Kinagoni and Matope sub-location of Kwale County
  • Mwavumbo Ward: comprises part of Matumbi, Mwatate, Kalalani and Mwabila sub-location of Kwale County
  • Kasemeni Ward: comprises Mnyenzeni, Mwamdudu, Chigato, Mazeras, Mabesheni, Mtaa and Bofu sub-location of Kwale County

Msambweni Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of the constituencies in Kwale County.

There are 4 County Assembly Wards in Msambweni Constituency:

  • Gombato Bongwe County Assembly Ward
  • Ukunda County Assembly Ward
  • Kinondo County Assembly Ward
  • Ramisi County Assembly Ward

Lunga Lunga Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of the constituencies in Kwale County

There are 4 County Assembly Wards in Lunga Lunga constituency:

  • Pongwe Ward: comprises Majoreni, Mzizima,Shimoni, Wasini/Mwakiro and Bumbani sub-location of Kwale county
  • Dzombo Ward: comprises Malamba sub-location of Kwale county
  • Mwereni Ward: comprises Kasemeni, Kilimangodo and Mwena sub-locations of Kwale County
  • Vanga Ward: comprises jego, Kiwegu, Sega and Vanga sub-location of Kwale County
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