List of all County Secondary Schools in Kwale County

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County schools are the second lowest cadre of secondary schools in Kenya. They are mostly made up of schools that are categorized at the county level and they admit students majorly from their counties. The list below consists of names, KNEC Codes, Category and Types of county schools in Kwale County.

02105109 Kwale Girls High School Girls
02105501 Shimba Hills Secondary School Mixed
02105502 Lukore Secondary School Mixed
02105503 Kichakasimba Girls Secondary School Girls
02109101 Kinango Secondary School Mixed
02109201 Taru Secondary School Mixed
02109202 Mazeras High School Boys
02109203 Mazeras Girls Memorial Secondary School Girls
02110201 Msambweni Secondary School Mixed
02110210 Kingwede Mixed Secondary School Mixed
02110304 Franz Josef Secondary School Mixed

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