Locust Invasion in Baringo

A huge swarm of locusts invasted Saimo soi ward, Baringo county on Thursday.

As students spend a second day at home following the closure of school for a corona virus break, locusts have attacked the county in large numbers.

As I traveled to my home county this evening, I was forced to stop on two occasions. First, I stopped at Marigat-Kipcherere junction to get a rare few of three ostriches guarding their young ones in the bountiful savanna lowlands, facing lake Baringo in a short distance.

Then as I passed through Timkoi, a few minutes drive away, I met these creatures.

They were feasting on our precious Savanna trees. Goats and cows usually depend on these trees for survival. Bees also need them for plenty nectar.

I filmed this beautiful menace, the sweet bitter mayhem.

My name is Kiptallam. In our native Tugen tribe, locusts are called talamwa. So I derive my name from these sweet disastrous insects. What I filmed is amateur, but it is rare. Have a look.

Locusts invade Baringo

From the video, you can see how the trees are losing their leaves, so fast. The sky is dark with a crowd of flying locusts. And people are mourning for their livestock.

The locusts have so far been reported in Saimo Soi, Koriema, Cheberen, and Barweza among other places in Baringo.

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