Mike Sonko confirms that he was with Jackie Maribe the night Monica Kimani was killed

Jackie Maribe and Mike Sonko

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has confirmed that she was with Jackie Maribe during the night when Monica Kimani was killed.

Monica was killed on Wednesday 18th September 2018. Jackie Maribe was named as an accomplice to the primary suspect of the murder, Jowie Irungu.

The two suspects have been attending court hearings ever since they were arrested in 2018. During the latest court hearings on Thursday, May 11, Jackie Maribe stated that she was with Mike Sonko at a night club in Westlands during the night when the murder occurred.

“I left my workplace at Royal Media Services and went to a club in Westlands with Governor Sonko’s entourage. I did not even meet with Jowie who at the time was my fiancée as he only joined us later at the club and sat on a different table,” Maribe stated.

Jackie Maribe was the person reading the news of Monica Kimani’s death on Citizen TV. Unfortunately, she was linked to the killing because the primary suspect, Jowie Irungu, was her fiancée at the time.

Maribe denied knowing the murder victim, while admitting that Jowie was indeed her fiancée. She stated that Jowie was not with her that night, but he arrived at the club late in the night.

Mike Sonko has now corroborated Jackie Maribe’s claims by confirming that she went with Jackie Maribe to a night club in Westlands during the night of Monica Kimani’s brutal murder.

Sonko said that he went to Citizen TV for an interview in the company of some unnamed legislators. After the show, he admits that Jackie Maribe accompanied him to the club.

“I am not the type of friend who disowns his friends in times of trouble. It is true l was with Jackie Maribe at Citizen TV when I was being interviewed on the JKL show on September 19, 2018, from about 9:45 pm. After the show, I volunteered to take all those who were with me for drinks and nyama choma at a club and around 4am I left for home,” Sonko’s statement read in part.

In his statement, Mike Sonko denied any knowledge of Jowie Irungu, who was also arrested in connection with the murder of the businesswoman.

He even says that he has downloaded videos of himself with Jackie Maribe from the club’s CCTV footage.

This confession complicates the case further and opens up a new Pandora box. It will be extremely difficult now for the prosecutors of the case to link Jackie Maribe to the murder.

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