Ng’iya Girls High School Forced to Cancel Akothee’s Invitation as Key Speaker at the School

Ng'iya Girls

Ng’iya Girls High School has cancelled Akothee’s invitation as the keynote speaker during their talent show and gracious givers launch after parents, alumni and members of the public raised concerns over her suitability.

Akothee was scheduled to deliver keynote speech at the school during a talent show held on Sunday 6th, but that did not happen since the school principal was forced to reverse her invitation.

Parents and alumni of the school protested Akothee’s invitation, citing her lifestyle as not being the best role model for young girls and Ng’iya.

Akothee is known for modern dressing styles that expose large parts of her body, which many see as un-African and indecent.

Furthermore, Akothee’s five children were sired by three different fathers and she remains as a single mother. Many see this as an inappropriate model for young girls who should be brought up with Christian and family values.

Akothee has three daughters, Vesha, Celly Rue and Prudence, who were fathered by her first husband Jared Okello. She later gave birth to two sons, Ojwang and Oyoo, both with different fathers from France and Switzerland respectively.

If Akothee was to speak to young girls at Ng’iya girls, she would portray the image that it was okay for women to raise their children in the absence of a father figure, something that goes against African values and traditions.

Many people on social media have lauded the school’s action to rescind its invitation to Akothee.

“A great move. Ng’iya girls is a great school that has produced great women who made it without degrading themselves. Akothee is Soo rotten to talk to school girls,” one twitter post read.

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Fredrick Chepkonga

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