Pallaso’s Performance in London Cancelled Following a Fallout with Alien Skin


Talented Ugandan singer Pius Mayanja, AKA Pallaso, has confirmed that his performance at Purple Party London, scheduled for June 24th, has been cancelled in the last minute.

Organizers of the event sent a public notice which read:

“The organisers of Purple Party London Edition, which is slated to happen this Saturday, June 24th, at the Royal Regency Hall, would like to inform Ugandans in London that Musician Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso will not be performing at the party due to unforeseeable circumstances that have been raised by the management of the venue, following the vicious saga he got involved in with fellow artist Alien Skin in Kampala a few weeks back. We kindly apologize the inconveniences caused by this development.”

Alien Skin, whose real name is Patrick Mulwana, has been engaged in supremacy battle with Pallaso as fans of either side followed to see which of the two would pull a more successful concert.

A musical duel was expected to happen on June 9 between the two musicians in two different venues in Uganda. Pallaso was expected to perform at the Lugogo Cricket Oval while Alien Skin would perform at Freedom City Namasuba.

Before the concert, the two musicians were seen fighting in public, with Pallaso slapping Alien Skin.

As a result, Alien Skin made it clear that he will understandably not be performing alongside Pallaso at the Purple Party in London.

This prompted the organizers to prohibit Pallaso from performing in the event to give Alien Skin a chance to perform.

Following the cancellation of Pallaso’s performance, he quickly took to social media to speak to his fans in London about the unfortunate news.

He posted on Instagram saying, “Hello my people in London, a decision has been made to cancel my performance at the Purple Party in London. While I recognize that this news is disappointing, I hope you can understand and respect the decision just like I have.”

“I apologize to those who have made special arrangements to attend and support me,” he added.

Pallaso asked his fans to go out and support other performers who will be performing in the event, including his nemesis Alien Skin.

He assured his fans that the London party will still be amazing without him, and promised to perform on another great day in London.

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Fredrick Chepkonga

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