Peter’s Big Money Can’t Buy Everything

happy family

Peter happily walked down River Lane. He was becoming a successful man lately, or at least that is what he thought.

After several years of struggle, his business was now booming.

He was making big money in constant profits, and customers were always satisfied with his services. In fact, as he walked on the street, he thought of opening a fifth branch in Nyahururu.

However, there was one problem. He rarely spent time with his family. His business duties took much of his time. He came home late, and rarely had time to devote to his wife and son.

His son, George, had asked Peter to take him for swimming the following weekend. He said, “Son, I will be having a business meeting with one of my clients in Kampala on Saturday, please bear with me. I won’t be there with you.”

His son replied, “Can’t you spare just two hours with me, dad?”

Peter replied, “I am looking for the money to pay your school fees and for your trips son, I will ask your auntie to take you out, I got the money.”

That Saturday, Peter went for his business meeting and Auntie Jane came to pick George as agreed. Nonetheless, George changed his mind and told Jane to give him the money they could have spent on swimming.

Jane was happy because she could save a little money for herself too, and she would go out to meet her boyfriend in town.

George kept the money in his piggy bank; it was KES3,000 in total.

When George’s father came home on Sunday evening, he was very happy about his accomplishments; but George and his mother did not look quite happy.

Peter asked them, “Why are you not happy?”

His wife replied, “We were bored all through the weekend, darling. But we are happy to see you at last.”

Peter said, “I have made big-money contract with the new client. Soon we will be moving to a bigger house.”

George smiled and asked, “How much do you earn in one hour, dad?”

“KES 1,500, I guess.”

“Well, I did not go for swimming yesterday. I want to go with you and mum because you rarely spend time with us, so I saved KES 3,000. I believe that will be enough for you to spend two hours with us this weekend.”

Peter was perplexed. He spent the whole of that weekend with his family, and they looked happier than ever.

Money does not buy everything.

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Fredrick Chepkonga

Mr. Fredrick Chepkonga is an educator and writer in Kenya with great experience in writing and research on education, economics, and finance topics. He has passion in mentoring young people to develop responsible citizens and future leaders.

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