Politics Dominate Mukami Kimathi’s Burial as Government Officials Call for an End to Azimio’s Demonstrations

Leaders in the burial of Mukami Kimathi

Speaking in the burial of Mukami Kimathi, Dedan Kimathi’s widow, several leaders have called upon Raila Odinga to stop demonstrating against the government.

On behalf of cabinet Secretaries, Alice Wahome told the former Prime Minister that he should listen to the truth. Her truth is that the current economic problems the country faces emanated from the government of former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Wahome said that Raila himself was in the same government that chased Ruto and his allies out of the government he helped to form. She pleaded on Raila Odinga to give President William Ruto time to implement the government’s agenda.

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi concurred with Wahome’s sentiments, saying that the country is in a sorry state and everyone is suffering.

Mudavadi suggested that the current economic challenges experienced in the country were as a result of poor decisions made by the previous government. He gave an example of ballooning foreign debts, which he considers to be the sole reason why there is little money in the economy.

“I warned them that these debts will put us in a ditch, but I was told I am barking,” Mudavadi commented.

Posing himself as a true member of the Mau Mau movement, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, aka Riggy G, spoke about the issue of land. He said that Mau Mau fought to reclaim African land from British colonialists; but post-independence leaders grabbed their land.

“Mau Mau land is known, and those who are in possession should return it to their rightful owners, even if it is just half of it,” Rigathi Gachagua said.

He accused those who hold the land of Mau Mau fighters of dividing land amongst British collaborators and squatters.

“We feel cheated and misused because our parents were buried having gotten nothing and yet the collaborators continue to enjoy everything the Mau Mau people fought for,” Gachagua said.

President Ruto assured Mau Mau descendants that there is a concrete plan for government to issue title deeds to them.

The leaders were responding to Raila Odinga’s call for leaders to speak the truth.

According to Rigathi Gachagua, the truth is that William Ruto is the President and commander-in-chief of the armed forces; and the deputy president is Riggy G, the son of Mau Mau.

Aside from politics, Mau Mau leaders and veterans present at the burial requested the President to retrieve Dedan Kimathi’s remains from Kamiti Prison for proper burial.

The legends said that they know where Dedan Kimathi was buried. They asked for only two months to trace and identify the exact location where the Mau Mau fighter was buried.

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