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Examples of Allegories

English students are sometimes asked to write an allegory as part of narrative writing, literature, and language learning. An allegory is a story that can be interpreted to reveal a […]

Shiro Part 3: At My Wit’s End

At your lowest moment, you need someone or something to startle you and push you to your limits. In this episode, it was cold and the silly act of a […]

shiro part 1

Shiro Part 2: One Night in the Dugout

I went back home at around 6 P.M. to face the music. Up until then, I had forgotten everything, including myself. I recollected by treacherous senses when I alighted from […]

Joe Willock against Liverpool

Joe Willock: The Wish of Every Young Talent

When Joe Willock appeared in the Carabao Cup Round of 16 yesterday, few people had much expectations from him. Playing alongside experienced players such as Xhaka and Bepe, he and […]

List of African proverbs

List of African Proverbs

Here is a list of the best African Proverbs – proverbs from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Sudan, Sudan, Mozambique, […]

shiro part 1

Shiro: The Girl of my “Dreams”

Part 1: The Daydream It all started in the early morning of September 9, 2002. I was just in standard 8; young and clueless; yet not so innocent. I met […]

Jumping Frog

The Power of Words: A Tale of Two Frogs

One day, two frogs were hopping together to the river. On the way, they fell into a deep ditch. They tried to jump out of the dyke, but could not […]

Choluteca Bridge

The Allegory of Choluteca Bridge: The Bridge to Nowhere

  I had not heard the story of the Choluteca Bridge, the bridge with no river, until today. If you have read or heard about this bridge, probably you know […]

happy family

Peter’s Big Money Can’t Buy Everything

Peter happily walked down River Lane. He was becoming a successful man lately, or at least that is what he thought. After several years of struggle, his business was now […]

The Second Liberation of Kilimani

This is a story about the 2008 post-elections violence in Kenya told from the perspective of a working class citizen

The Chronicles of a Lastborn

People consider us lastborns as the most favored and overprotected creatures in the world. When we cry and roll on the ground like cats, or hop like grasshoppers, you say […]

My Journal Entry: Nature Walk

Sunday 13 October, 2019 Today my son and I decided not to go to church; we had something unique in our minds. Sometimes I just feel like relaxing or walking […]

The Endless Love Stories of Mocho

We heard them all. We listened as they whispered. They narrated in the morning; during the day; late in the afternoon; early in the evening; and deep into the night. […]

Dancing African boys

Hokey Pokey in the Rain

We danced. All of us in one line, I in the middle, under the moonlight. Our mom was preparing food in the kitchen, and goats were chewing the gut right […]


Sabuni: Tafsiri ya hadithi fupi ya Lu Xun “Soap”

Sabuni Huku akilipa kisogo dirisha la kaskasini chini ya miale ya jua ya mshazari, mkewe Simingi alizifua sarafu za waliokufa huku akisaidiwa na bintiye Siure, mwenye umri wa miaka minane. […]

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