Teacher Registration Process: How to Get TSC Number in Kenya

Machogu and Musalia Mudavadi

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is mandated by the Constitution of Kenya (2010), Article 237 to among others;

  1. Register qualified persons as teachers and
  2. Review the standards of education and training of persons entering the teaching service.

The TSC Act (2012) Section 23 (2) prohibits any person from engaging in teaching service unless one is registered as a teacher. The TSC Code of Regulations for Teachers (2015) Part III further provides Conditions and Procedure for Registration of Teachers before they are issued with a TSC Number.

1.1. Teacher Registration Process

To get a TSC Number in Kenya the Commission has provided an online platform for application and registration of teachers. Once an applicant is sure that he/she has all the required documents, they can visit the TSC website – www.teachersonline.go.ke and begin the application process.

Upon the receipt of the application, the Commission vets the documents and the applicant is given response / decision within 30 (thirty days). If the application is successful, the applicant is issued with a Registration Certificate which bears the Commission’s Chief Executive Officer’s signature. The Certificate is then immediately posted to the teacher through the postal address indicated in the application. Also applicants can access their registration status and/or TSC Number online on TSC website.


To register with TSC and get a TSC Number in Kenya, you need to meet the following requirements:

Kenyan Citizens:

  • Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Relevant academic and professional certificates from recognized institutions
  • A copy of Identity Card or Passport
  • Passport photo
  • KRA Pin Certificate
  • Dully filled GP 69 Medical Form and
  • Payment of registration fee;
    • Non-refundable fee of Kshs. 1055/- Deposit is made to the TSC;
    • Registration Account – National Bank of Kenya – No. 01001000905001 or Simple Banking using Pay Bill Business Number 625625

Non Kenyan Citizens:

  • Academic and Professional Certificates and other evidence for registration as a teacher obtained in Kenya or the country of origin
  • Academic and Professional Certificates. NB: Must have been awarded by an accredited foreign institution and equated by the relevant public body in Kenya
  • Certificate of Registration as a teacher or authority to teach in the country of origin
  • A valid Entry / Work Permit issued by the Department of Immigration
  • A valid Certificate of Good Conduct issued by the relevant law enforcement agency in the country of origin
  • Vetting letter from the Ministry of Education (Kenya) and
  • Prescribed fee of Kshs. 1055

NB: All documents must be certified by either a TSC Director or TSC Sub-County Director before you get your TSC Number.

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