The Chronicles of a Lastborn

People consider us lastborns as the most favored and overprotected creatures in the world. When we cry and roll on the ground like cats, or hop like grasshoppers, you say we are throwing tantrums. When we cry loudly and run around like mad dogs, you say we are seeking attention. No one ever bothered to ask why we often do whatever we do in the way we do. I’ll tell you why, and I hope to be as succinct and straightforward as possible.

We often show these behaviors, and even worse, as a matter of self-defense. When mum brings a banana from the market, I usually got the smallest and least tasty part. So our behaviors of crying, rolling, and throwing things are the best ways we could communicate. If mum seems closer to us than you, it is not favoritism; they are protecting us from you bully brothers and sisters.

Most of you out there, especially firstborns, were never celebrated at birth. You came into the world without knocking; you were hidden from the public. It is not our problem that you came unannounced, but you often treat us as if we drunk all of mum’s breast milk. You say we sucked mum to the last drop, and you say we denied you the chance to be breastfed. No, ni kiherehere yenu imewaletea shida. You decided to come too fast, while we lastborns calculated our entry slowly but surely. Most of you were born in a hidden hut inside the forest, and you were just introduced into the world during Christmas one year later.

For us lastborns, we got the attention of the whole village including, but not limited to, the chief and the school head teacher. We came with a universal message from the gods – a message of love and justice. Our birth marks the enlightenment of the whole village. That is how I was born in the village of Wikililye, Kitui County.

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Fredrick Chepkonga

Mr. Fredrick Chepkonga is an educator and writer in Kenya with great experience in writing and research on education, economics, and finance topics. He has passion in mentoring young people to develop responsible citizens and future leaders.

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