The Power of Unity: Baringo Youth Open Up a New Road

road construction through harambee in saimo soi
  • Young people from Saimo Soi ward work together to construct a road through harambee (Kipakenge)
  • The road links Koroto with Akoroyan through Kapkules near Kampi ya Samaki
  • Youth leaders use the opportunity to solicit for funds to make the project possible
  • Community members cooperate and turn up in hundreds to support the noble idea
  • Area MCA is missing in Action
  • Baringo County leaders are invited to contribute towards the success of the project

Residents of Saimo Soi ward have cooperated to open up a new road that links Koroto with Akoroyan. The road passes through ngarianin in Koroto sub-location and Kapkules in Akoroyan sub-location.

The project started in a high gear as hundreds of youth agreed in unison to construct the road with or without the support of elected leaders. To make the project a success, each participant brought a tool – panga, jembe, ax, steel bars, machetes, etc. They removed logs, built gabions, and leveled the ground to make it passable for both vehicles and motorcycles.

Moreover, Saimo Soi residents have shown the power of cooperation by contributing foodstuff for the team. The participants stop over tea break to take tea/coffee with snacks before embarking on the hard labor until lunch time.

harambee road construction in Baringo

They then enjoy the meals they contributed with the support of other members of the community. In the afternoon hours, they continue working with as much dedication and determination as they did in the morning hours.

These spirited guys do the hard work without expecting any pay. After all, infrastructure is a long term project that benefits everyone in the local community either directly or indirectly.

One of the youth leaders who organized the project, Daniel Kipchangal, says that they are currently in communication with all well-wishers to support the glorious project in one way or another.

The youth have decided that they are no longer going to wait for leaders; they will do something to help themselves. They are the users of the road. The wearer of the shoe knows where it itches the most. It is now time to demonstrate unity of purpose and shun all kinds of divisive politics. When the spirit is willing, the mind is focused and the body is ready, nothing can be stoppable.

So far, many people have risen to the occasion, but the area MCA is still missing in Action.

Koroto-Kapkules road was first inaugurated by the former MCA Richard Kampala and funded by county government through the office of the MCA. Since then, it has become a non-issue to the current leadership.

The project is expected to increase business in the ward, ease transport and improve security in an area that is prone to cattle rustling.

Saimo Soi youth are now calling upon county leaders to make the road a priority in its infrastructural development projects.

Governor Kiptis and Baringo County CS of Roads, kazi kwenu.

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Fredrick Chepkonga

Mr. Fredrick Chepkonga is an educator and writer in Kenya with great experience in writing and research on education, economics, and finance topics. He has passion in mentoring young people to develop responsible citizens and future leaders.

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