The Procedure of Transferring Learnings under the CBC Curriculum

Under the new CBC curriculum in Kenya, transferring learners takes a process since students are registered in the KNEC portal since Grade 3. Therefore, if you want to transfer your child to a new school after registration in Grade 3, there is a procedure that you must follow. You are generally required to request for a letter from the current school indicating the release of the learner, and another letter of acceptance from the receiving school. The letters are supposed to be handed over to the sub-county director of education to facilitate the transfer.

What happens to the records of a learner transferring schools?

Transfer of learners shall be done by the Sub County Director of Education and will be allowed to take place at Grade 3, 4, 5 and all the four levels of the Stage-Based Curriculum Pathway.

No transfer shall be allowed at Grade 6 due to preparation of the summative assessment that will be taking place at the end of the year.

The procedure for transferring learners will be as follows:

  • The Head Teacher of the school where the learner was learning shall write a letter releasing the learner.
  • The Head teacher releasing the learner will have to include the learner’s assessment number and name as it appears in KNEC registration database.
  • The head teacher receiving the learner must write an acceptance letter to the Sub County Director of Education acknowledging acceptance of the learner.
  • The Sub County Director of Education will log into the KNEC portal: using the Sub County log in CP2 credentials to transfer or add a learner.

Deletion of learners can only be done by KNEC.

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