Top 20 Classroom Rules For Primary School Students

Rules are an important aspect of classroom management because they set the pace for effective learning. They ensure that students understand and live up to the expectations of the class. This way, the teacher does not have a difficult time controlling students. Learners should know exactly what they need to do as well as the consequences of not doing what they are supposed to do. Here is a list of 20 best classroom rules that will help improve your students’ behavior and performance.

1) Come to class early after tea or lunch break

2) Come to class with all writing and reading materials

3) Complete your homework on time

4) Use polite words – avoid abusive words

5) Respect the teachers and fellow classmates

6) Raise your hand whenever you want to speak in class

7) Obey school rules

8) Do not fight in class

9) Do not throw things in class

10) Do not bring food to class

11) Don’t cheat in an exam

12) Pay attention to teachers when they are speaking

13) Don’t damage school property

14) Dress in proper school attire.

15) Always be neat and maintain personal hygiene

16) Always clean the classroom

17) Wait for your turn to be served in a queue

18) Don’s sleep in the classroom

19) Participate in classroom discussions and activities

20) Always be kind and do your best

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